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Princess Stephanie zu Löwenstein

Managing Director, Weingut Fürst Löwenstein, Kleinheubach

Stephanie zu Löwenstein strides through the tall wild grass at Schloss Löwenstein, telling us about a hunting lodge in the forest and enthusing about wind turbines as she goes. “That is the future.” Is this what you imagine when you think of a princess? Although she comes from a Westphalian noble family herself, Stephanie zu Löwenstein is more the manager type. Well-educated but by no means snobby. Elegant but not extravagant. The trained pediatrician and mother of four considers it her role to prepare the almost 1,000-year-old palace for the future. The forest – just under 8,000 hectares – is to be sustainably managed. Together with her father-in-law, Alois K. Prince zu Löwenstein, she also aspires to secure Hotel Schloss Löwenstein a place in the top rankings. The wine estate – with fine wine from the famous Homburg Kallmuth vineyard at the heart of Franconia and from the Grand Cru vineyards in Hallgarten am Rhein – has already moved to the Schlosspark Kleinheubach. Her husband Carl Friedrich Prince zu Löwenstein had already begun preparations for the project when he died in 2010 in a race on the Nürburgring.


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